Experts in Warehouse installations
& industrial maintenance

Imacruz offers advanced installation for reception, distribution and storage

A smart warehouse installation worldwide company


As respectful company we set our goal to secure best-in-class pricing of our services in a variety of categories, creating extraordinary value for our lovely partners.


We’ve developed and applied specialized processes to create benefits for our warehouses-leading suppliers.


Imascruz provides our partners with a trusted, strategic team of experts to ensure that our parnets don't need to be woried about the maintnance of the machines.

Why Imascruz

Imascruz is a professional company specialized in smart warehouses installing for reception, storage of textile products and distribution.
Imascruz operates with specialized lines installing for reception, distribution and storage, wiring with the connection of electrical components and PLC. Our professionals works step-by-step with the mission to set the startup of different sections of the systems.
Our Services

We appreciate our partnerships

In addition of our service, we provides as company, to offer our partners a delivery care of outsourcing services aimed at supporting and reinforcing: scheduled maintenance for the whole metallurgical industry. As company we appreciate the trust of our partners. With the mission of a long-term partnership, we look forward to stay involved with the successfully take steps on the Industrial metallurgical maintenance.

Long-term partnership

With a long legacy in the industrial, maintenance and assembly that includes decades of dedicated into the long-term partnership, we hope to contribute in the innovative development of your organization.

Support & Maintenance

Our capabilities are backed up with an professional support program, providing personalized assistance at both the specialized and portfolio level als we strive to ensure it.

Ready to get started?

We will be honored to help your company develop with our experiences and services. Please contact

Wouldn’t it be great to develop your warehouses processes with the most innovated technology systems? We would love to contribute on this development steps, we’ve got you covered with our experiences.

How does our partnership start?

First of all, we would like to thank you for the effort you make to click here. Probably is this the start of a long-term partnership. Please contact to describe about your project scope.

Are the assignments carried out worldwide?

Imascruz is a worldwide operating company. We helped our partners in Brazil, Engeland, Germany, The Netherlands and Spain.

How does the maintenance support works?

Based on the agreement and our partnership, we will create a contract with the general terms of the agreement. It’s important that the maintenance terms of the machines and services will be described. Depends of the requirement, our experts will maintain the machines quarterly or yearly.

In the case you have a technical questions, please contact our technical support team. We are delighted to assist you.


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Imascruz is company based in A Coruña Spain. We operate worldwide.


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